Eating crayfish is a whole ritual that is associated with certain skills and traditions.

Here are some tips on how to properly and deliciously eat a crayfish:

1. Cooling: After cooking, the crayfish should cool down a bit. Only then will the meat become firm enough to be extracted from the shell.

2. Disassembling: Crayfish are usually eaten by hand. First, the claws and tail should be separated from the torso. This can be done by gently twisting each part in different directions.

3. Tail: The tail of the crayfish contains a large part of the meat. To get to it, you need to squeeze the tail in your hand so that the shell cracks, then carefully open it and extract the meat. Some prefer to first bite off the tip of the tail to make it easier to pull out the meat.

4. Claws: The meat in the claws is also very tasty. Detach the lower part of the claw, this will allow access to the meat. If the claw is large, you may need a nutcracker or special tongs to crack the shell.

5. Torso: There is little meat in the torso, but you can also try it. To do this, open the shell and remove the unwanted innards. The remaining meat can be removed and eaten.

6. Sauces and accompaniments: Crayfish are often served with various sauces. The sauce can be served separately, and everyone decides for themselves how much and which sauce to use.

Remember that everyone has their own food preferences, so it’s important to enjoy the process and share this pleasure with friends and loved ones.