Experience the tastes of the Caspian Sea right at your home! Our company offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the flavor of fresh crayfish, boiled and frozen by professionals. There’s nothing artificial in our crayfish – just fresh ingredients, carefully selected spices, and rich marine taste.

Caspian crayfish are known for their distinctive taste and texture, as well as their health benefits. But what makes them so special? Part of the secret lies in their habitat. The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest inland sea, known for its biodiversity. Thanks to the unique ecosystem, the crayfish living here have a distinctive taste.

However, the taste of crayfish largely depends on their preparation. At our company, we take this process seriously. We boil the crayfish in a large pot with the addition of spices and aromatic herbs, then carefully cool and freeze them to preserve all the nutrients and taste.

The method of boiling and freezing not only helps to maintain the product’s freshness but also makes it more accessible and convenient for consumers. You can store the crayfish in the freezer and cook them when it suits you. There’s no need to worry about shelf life or plan a special trip to the store for fresh crayfish.

Thanks to our preparation method, the taste of the crayfish remains as fresh and rich as the day they were caught. Enjoy the flavor of the Caspian Sea right at home with our boiled-frozen crayfish!