Opening a new page of wholesale trade in Estonia: High-quality river crayfish from the Caspian Sea are now available for sale to our distributors in the European Union.

Continuing to expand the gastronomic horizon, we have carefully studied the needs of our market and proudly present a new delicacy – premium class river crayfish from the Caspian Sea.

River crayfish, known for their excellent taste and unique texture, are becoming increasingly popular in the European Union. We are the first to have started selling such high-quality crayfish in Estonia, opening new opportunities for distributors and restaurants.

Our crayfish undergo careful selection and processing, and we offer crayfish of various sizes, including rarely encountered large specimens, making our product truly unique. Thanks to strict control at every stage of production, we guarantee that you will receive only the highest quality product.

The boiled-frozen river crayfish we offer are already ready for use, which ensures convenience and efficiency for distributors and restaurants. This is a great opportunity to buy crayfish that will become a sophisticated addition to any menu.

Our mission is to offer not only an excellent product, but also to contribute to the development of the culture of seafood consumption in Europe. We are confident that our river crayfish from the Caspian Sea will become a new culinary trend and pleasure for gourmets.

Together with us, you are on the threshold of a new gastronomic experience. We invite you to discover the taste and quality of our river crayfish from the Caspian Sea!