Today we will address an important question that concerns many seafood enthusiasts: do boiled-frozen crayfish fall short in quality compared to boiling live crayfish? We are happy to provide you with detailed information that will dispel myths and present facts based on scientific research and practical experience.

What are boiled-frozen crayfish?

Boiled-frozen crayfish are crayfish that have been freshly prepared and then underwent a quick freezing process. This is a method that allows you to preserve the taste and quality of crayfish for a prolonged time, as well as ensuring their safety during transportation over long distances.

Advantages of boiled-frozen crayfish

While live crayfish have their merits when boiled, boiled-frozen crayfish offer a range of advantages that make them an excellent choice for many gourmands and catering establishments.

  • Convenience: Boiled-frozen crayfish are ready to be consumed at any time. They do not require complicated pre-preparation or a long cooking process.
  • Quality consistency: Thanks to strict control at all stages of production, boiled-frozen crayfish ensure stable quality. Each crayfish will be fresh, tasty and ready to eat.
  • Nutritional properties: Quick freezing helps to preserve the maximum nutrients in crayfish, including proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Availability: Regardless of the season, boiled-frozen crayfish are available all year round, providing continuous supplies and stability in business.


So, do boiled-frozen crayfish fall short in quality compared to fresh boiled live crayfish? The answer is clear – no, they do not. Moreover, they offer a number of advantages that make them an ideal choice for those who appreciate convenience, reliability and consistent high quality.

We are confident that when choosing between boiled-frozen and fresh boiled crayfish, boiled-frozen crayfish offer the same, if not greater, pleasure of taste, true freshness and quality, as well as convenience and flexibility in use. New taste discoveries with boiled-frozen crayfish are ahead!